Versus Dumbbell Versus Hybrid Hex Dumbbell Set | 5-25lb

Hybrid Hex Dumbbell Set | 5-25lb

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The Versus Hybrid Hex Dumbbells are ideal for your home gym or fitness studio, made of an odorless material while offering durability and comfort. While looking and feeling like rubber, the Hybrid Hex Dumbbell is more durable and more odorless than even our Virgin Rubber Hex Dumbbells.  Featuring a chrome-finished contoured ergonomic handle with knurling for an optimal grip, the Hybrid Hex Dumbbell is suitable for almost any user. Available with black chrome handles, this dumbbell will fit seamlessly in any space.

This set includes a pair of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 LB dumbbells.

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