COREFX Reaction Ball

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The COREFX Reaction Ball is a tool used within agility training that incorporates the idea of having fun while engraining in proper technique, improved hand eye coordination, agility, and reaction time. Mastering the basics, sets you up for success in your sports career, which is exactly what the Reaction Ball is intended to do.

The six-sided ball can be rebounded independently or can be used with a pair or small group during drills off of any hard surfaces such as, grass, turf, dirt, and walls. Upon landing, the multi-sport training ball will bounce in an unpredictable manner and with repetition, these movements will improve your speed, coordination and reaction time for your specific sport.

DESIGN: Ball has a 6-sided design that makes it bounce randomly so you are always unsure where it will land

THROW IT: You can toss this reaction ball against any hard surface: wall, court, gym floor, even a dirt field

DURABLE: Made of 100% rubber, this ball is tough and can take all the abuse you give it without denting or falling apart

VERSATILE: Reaction balls can be used for agility training by yourself, with a partner or with a group

FUN AND PORTABLE: Make your fitness and reaction training more entertaining by using this compact ball, which is small enough to take anywhere

AGES: 6 and up

Weight 0.14 lb
Dimensions 2.68 × 2.68 × 2.68 in

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