Northern Fitness Foam Roller Compact Foam Roller

Compact Foam Roller

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The Foam Roller Fitness Core 13″x 5.5″ offers myofascial release, relaxing contracted muscles and improving circulation in sore or stiff muscles.

– Made of EVA & ABS foam, soft to touch, lightweight and rich elastic buffer
– With a grid trigger point design, you can reduce muscle tension, strengthen core muscles and stretch muscles and connective tissues
– Water resistant, anti-slip, non-toxic and odorless
– Can break up soft tissue adhesion and scar tissue, self-massage and myofascial release, break trigger points, relieve tension fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation of the  soft tissue


* Easy to carry due to lightweight construction and hollow core

* Made from durable EVA and ABS foam

* Ideal for self message and balance training

* Withstands wear and tear, easy to clean

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