GoRuck Shoes Ruck It Duo - GORUCK Weight Vest + Ballistic Trainers
GoRuck Shoes Ruck It Duo
GoRuck Shoes Ruck It Duo
GoRuck Shoes Ruck It Duo

Ruck It Duo - GORUCK Weight Vest + Ballistic Trainers

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Includes a pair of GORUCK Ballistic Trainers and a GORUCK Training Vest.

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers

Lift heavier. Sprint faster. Ruck harder. And look cool doing it. The new standard in functional fitness footwear with 3X Support™ and 3X Stability for all three (3) of your arches, making them the best workout shoes for men and women ever created.

Care Instructions: Remove insert. Hose them down thoroughly and let air dry (won't take long). Do not use washer/dryer - it's easier this way.

GORUCK Training Vest

The world is full of weighted vests with minimal to no padding on your shoulders —  instead of padding, it’s nylon straps digging fighting positions into your shoulders, deeper with every movement. Even though the workout is supposed to suck, the straps don’t have to.

If you wear body armour and a uniform in your profession, thank you for your service. Scale up the weight with the adjustable weight vest and train heavier than you fight. If you’re gonna do MURPH this and every year, make it count.

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