2023 Fitness Trends


2023 will be the embodiment of work smarter, not harder - bringing your fitness with you no matter where you are and on your schedule. The last few years have shown us that we can productively work from home, adapt to hybrid models and flex consistently with changes. It’s opened up the world of fitness to do the same. We’ve had to change our schedules to fit our time, equipment and even travel needs. 

Technology and continued research allow fitness routines and trends to be taken to a whole new level. It’s about ensuring you’re working each muscle group as effectively and efficiently with minimal equipment, time or space. You don’t need to squeeze in time to go to the gym, you can stream your favourite spin trainer while dinner is in the oven. Having a fully equipped home gym is great, but if you have less space, you can get a few key items that allow you to get quality workouts from the comfort of your home. 2023 is coming in hot and while resolutions may already be hitting their wall, we know that customization, adaptability and strength focused workouts are here to stay.

  • Low Rep High Weight 
  • We love progressive overload with dumbbells, or low rep high weight resistance training. But, what is progressive overload? We know that to grow our muscles we need to put them through hypertrophy. When the muscle fibres sustain small tears due to stress from lifting heavy weights, they grow in size and strength each time your body repairs the damage. Lifting heavier weights is best for building functional strength, and they activate your “fast twitch” muscle fibres which build greater strength and achieve higher hypertrophy, but they do tire quicker. Progressive overload refers to gradual increase of weight on the bar, or the number of repetitions you’re doing. It’s effective because it capitalizes on the way the body naturally adapts, small additions of weight over a period of time increase your strength. 

    To adapt these exercises for beginners, you can start with body weight exercises and add reps over time. You know yourself best, so know your limits and consult with your physician or personal trainer before starting a new program. But for more seasoned individuals, you can start adding weight gradually to your push and pull day workouts to naturally improve your performance and get your closer to those PRs!


  • Smart Gyms and Gamified Workouts
  • If the pandemic gave us anything, it was gamified workouts and at home classes through the magic of the Aviron, and other smart equipment. There are no shortages of equipment that will walk you through your warm up, race you uphill, challenge you in Tabata or improve your downward dog. Through the magic of technology, we can bring our favourite classes into our own homes and even find our new favourite trainers. So how does this change the garage gym model? Well, if creating your own workouts isn’t doing it for you, these new high-tech machines can bring you workouts and fitness content from all over the world from the best trainers. It can increase your accountability. variety and productivity by giving you the classes and group feel that you love WHILE make it easily accessible in the comfort of your own home. So, is taking your fitness online an option for you?

    This game changing technology can be great for those who need that push and accountability that a class offers with the flexibility of being at home, or if you’re really looking for that personalization in your plan. It’s a great way to upgrade your standard equipment experience with the added bonus of tracking your progress, body function and introducing you new programs and training styles.


  • Hybrid Gym Schedules
  • Hybrid work schedules were not the only balanced approach that came out of the last few years. Hybrid fitness is something that people are taking advantage of for the same reasons we love the hybrid work schedule – flexibility! We are big fans of at-home-fitness for its comfort and ease. With the right equipment, they are just as effective as going to the gym. Integrating fitness equipment, whether smart or standard, can allow you to bring the experience of the gym into your home. 

    That being said, the effect of the gym is hard to beat. Being around others in the fitness community and the infectious enthusiasm you gain is a very worthwhile reason to include out-of-home gym time. Hybrid models are great because you can get the regimen you want, on your time and any way you want it. The diversity in exercises and equipment are endless with the hybrid gym schedule and we never argue with the best of both worlds.


  • Knees over Toes
  • Historically, we’ve been advised  that we need to keep that 90° bend with your knees not exceeding your toes while training.  Now, we hear that there is new evidence that shows that knees can not only adapt but strengthen through training that allows the knees to safely track over the toes. This form of training gained popularity through trainer Ben Patrick, commonly referred to as “Knees over Toes Guy '' who, when researching how to rehab his knees, found that old fashioned lifting did not heed the same warnings we had come to know.  

    Knees over Toes or ATG training puts emphasis on strength and conditioning while also helping prevent the body from injury and increasing flexibility. More traditional programs don’t always address structural imbalances. This kind of training focuses on full range of motion, while strengthening and lengthening joints and muscles and improving form. To help strengthen the hamstring to achieve Nordic curls, a key exercise in ATG training, Monkey Feet can be utilized. 


  • Optimizing Recovery
  • While we can get behind a lot of these new trends, we are especially big fans of this one! Recovery is one of the most important and overlooked parts of your fitness regimen. Rest days are essential to operate at your highest level. Your muscles need time to repair and rebuild. 

    We love simple recovery solutions like rollers or yoga for active rest. These movements can promote blood circulation and aid in muscle recovery. We offer many equipment options that you can use to aid in muscle recovery. There are also more intensive ways to get the most out of your rest days like ice baths or saunas. The heat or cold can help speed up the healing process and relax sore and tense muscles and encourage healthy circulation. 


  • Kettle Bell Training
  • This all-in-one piece of equipment can do wonders for your strength training, flexibility and balance. We love kettlebell training because you can work the entire body or add intensity to your cardio routine. If you have limited space, or you’re unable to purchase multiple pieces of equipment, the kettlebell will check all your boxes. They are extremely versatile in their movements and they can simulate daily functional movements. 

    As emphasis on strength training became more and more popular, for its multiple benefits not only physically, but mentally and for your overall fitness and wellbeing. Whether you’re doing standing lifts, squats, HIIT or crossfit, this one handy piece of equipment has got you covered.