Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a convenient and space-saving option for a home gym. A single set can replace an entire rack of standard dumbbells. Our adjustable dumbbells for sale offer a wide range of weight options to cater to all fitness levels, with reputable brands such as Powerblock. Discover the best adjustable dumbbells in Canada with Northern Fitness.

How do adjustable dumbbells work?

Depending on the brand and model, adjustable dumbbells may function differently. Many of them have a dock, and when you want to change the weight, you place the dumbbell on the dock, select the weight you want to use with a dial, pin, or lever, and remove the dumbbell from the base. When you select the weight, a mechanism either removes or adds additional plates to the dumbbell to reach the desired weight without any hassle.

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It

Depending on your needs and space, adjustable dumbbells can absolutely be worth it! Adjustable dumbbells can replace an entire rack of standard dumbbells in a small unit, making them very effective at saving space, so they’re worth it if you don’t have the space for multiple sets. They can also save a lot of money versus buying sets of dumbbells. For example, the Nüo Athletics 550 Adjustable Dumbbell Set is $700, whereas the 5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set is $1100.

What to look for when buying adjustable dumbbells?

You should consider several factors when buying adjustable dumbbells:

  • Weight range - You’ll need to get a set with an appropriate weight range. If you’re a beginner, you may want to consider buying some with a lower weight range. Some adjustable dumbbells, such as the PowerBlock Pro 100 EXP Dumbbell Set, have expansion packs, so you can start light and purchase expansions as you get stronger.

  • Increments—Different models adjust the weights in different increments. Some may adjust in 2.5-lb increments, while others may adjust in 10-lb increments. Smaller increments give you more control over your workout. Larger increments may be okay for many lower body exercises, but for exercises like lateral raises, a 10-lb increase will be tough to handle. 

  • Price - Adjustable dumbbells can be pretty pricey, so you must consider your budget. Cheaper models may come at the expense of something else, like a smaller weight range or a less convenient method of switching weights, so you’ll need to find a balance that works for you.

  • Adjustability mechanism—Some of the mechanisms are more convenient than others, and switching weights can be quite tricky, so look for a mechanism that works for you.

  • Durability/Stability—Ensure the model you get is made of good-quality materials. Look at reviews and ensure it can withstand your workouts. You also want to ensure the weights feel secure and won’t fall off.

  • Handle Grip—Adjustable dumbbells can sometimes feel awkward to hold, so you want to ensure the grip is ergonomic and comfortable to limit discomfort. 

Can you build muscle with adjustable dumbbells?

Absolutely! Progressive overload (slowly increasing the weight used for an exercise) is critical to building muscle. An adjustable dumbbell ensures you can increase the weight used in your workouts. Ensure you get an adjustable dumbbell that is appropriate for your current strength level. If you’re an experienced lifter, you may have difficulty building muscle with a 5-25 lb set.