Squat Racks

Is it worth buying a squat rack?

If your goal is to improve strength, a squat rack is definitely worth it! A squat rack is essential when you start lifting heavy, allowing you to get in a good, safe position to begin lifting, allowing you to lift heavier. 

They’re not just for squats, either. They’re great for a range of exercises, such as bench press, shoulder press, lunges, and more. Some also have additional functionality, such as storage for a barbell and plates, pull-up bar, and some even have cables. If you’re serious about strength training, a squat rack is a must-have. 

Smith machine or squat rack?

What’s the difference between a Smith machine and a squat rack, and which should you get? A Smith machine has a bar on a fixed path. This makes it great for beginners, as it’s safe and you don’t have to worry about balancing a barbell. However, since it is on a fixed path, some exercises may feel unnatural, and they won’t help you work on your stability as much. 

A squat rack holds the barbell at a certain height for you (usually adjustable), while you get into a good position. You can then unrack the barbell to perform your lift. This allows for a more natural barbell path, and you can get the full benefits of an exercise, including stability. 

Types of racks

This can get confusing for some people, as there are many different types of racks; do they do different things or are they different names for the same thing? We’ll give you a quick breakdown:

  • Squat stand: They consist of two vertical posts with adjustable heights. They are compact and space-efficient but lack some functionality and stability.

  • Half rack: Somewhere between a squat stand a full rack. They take up less space than a full rack, but usually also have weight storage and spotter arms.

  • Power Rack: Power racks, also known as full cages, are a heavy-duty piece of equipment, and enclose the lifter on four sides with safety bars, allowing for a safe lifting environment even when training alone.

  • Wall mounted: These are space-saving solutions that can be folded away when not in use.

  • Smith machines: As explained above, these have a barbell in a fixed path.

  • Multi-Functional Squat Racks: These are usually a full power rack with additional functionality, such as a bench, band pegs, dip bars, or cable machine attached. 

Explore our buying guide for a comprehensive overview. 

What to Consider When Buying a Squat Rack?

In addition to deciding on the type of rack you need, you should also consider price, weight capacity, plate storage, and rack accessories. Make sure you choose the option that meets your needs, and consider your future needs as well. You should also think about anything else you may need for the exercises you want to perform, such as a benchbarbell, or plates.

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