Squat Racks

The squat rack is a great structure to facilitate your workouts and target your quads, calves, back and core strength. They help to perform highly efficient movements that work multiple muscle groups. Squat or power racks are ideal for anyone in their fitness journey as they allow you to lift safely, providing support and spotting. A power rack has multiple columns you can you’re your bar into giving you more flexibility of starting and stopping points. They also give you opportunities to improve your technique and form while also taking advantage of multiple adaptations for each workout focus. And while the name might suggest it’s a single purpose item, you can do a lot of full set exercises including: front and back squats, bench press, shoulder press, military press, skull crushers, bent over rows, and more. We’ve got a great selection of squat racks from more bare bones to elaborate and you can also add accessories as well and pair it with one of our benches to really complete your gym. Also, check out our Belt Squat Machine and revolutionize your lower body workouts.