Push Sleds

The sled collection from Northern Fitness is a top choice for those dedicated to improving their fitness regimen with resistance-based exercises. Featuring brands such as Torque Fitness, Orion, and Spud Inc., this collection offers quality and durability, ensuring that athletes can push their boundaries safely and effectively.

Sled training is a great method for developing power, strength, and endurance. By allowing for both pushing and pulling movements across various terrains, sled workouts engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The resistance can be easily adjusted to different fitness levels and goals, making sled exercises a versatile option for those looking to increase physical performance. Incorporating sled training into a workout routine promotes strength improvement, enhances metabolic conditioning, and aids in injury prevention by using natural movement patterns.

To complement sled training, Northern Fitness also offers a range of other workout equipment and accessories, including ankle and wrist weights and high-quality barbells. These additional tools allow for a well-rounded fitness routine, enabling individuals to customize their workouts further and achieve their goals with precision and efficiency. Together with the sled collection, these picks from Northern Fitness create a better workout for anyone serious about elevating their physical health and athletic performance.