Dumbbells aren’t just for building mass, they’re also a great way to add resistance and a little extra to your aerobic-based workouts. Whether you’re lifting heavy for fewer sets, or lifting lighter weights for more sets, your own set of home weights is a versatile addition to your workout kit. Get started on your fitness journey with a dumbbell workout! Whether you are looking to tone your arms or strengthen your chest, a pair of dumbbells is sure to be your ideal training partner. At Northern Fitness, find dumbbells in a variety of colours that will add a pop of colour to your workouts. Look through a range of vinyl dumbbells, rubber dumbbells, iron dumbbells and hex dumbbells that have an easy and comfortable grip. Explore a collection of dumbbell sets or adjustable dumbbells that are great for strength training exercises like chest presses, bicep curls, skull crushers, bent-over rows, weighted squats, and lunges. You can even add these to your walking routine for added weight. We also have some on-sale dumbbells that you might be interested in. Browse through a large collection of dumbbells and find the right pick for you!