9 Dumbbell Exercise Routines To Follow

9 Dumbbell Exercise Routines To Follow

With a lot of information online on dumbbell exercises, accessing the right and productive knowledge can get confusing. It's obvious you need a dumbbell routine for your sessions, and you need it quick. That's why this article rounds up for you 9 of the best dumbbell exercise articles.

So, if you are looking for a good and effective dumbbell exercise plan, the following list can help.

1. The Only Dumbbell Exercises You’ll Ever Need

This article suggests eight moves that can help improve your tone, endurance, and strength. It further indicates that there is a bunch of ways that you can use dumbbells for practical workout sessions. And though many exercises only focus on a particular group of muscles like the triceps or the biceps, this routine emphasizes complex moves targeting various areas of your body.

    Moreover, this workout routine was designed by Alain Aguilar, who is a lecturer in sports science and exercises at North Carolina University. The method requires you to have 3,5 to 10-pound dumbbells, which will play a significant role in increasing your strength and coordination.

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    2. The 13 Best Dumbbell Exercises

    In the second place, this Men's Health article explains thirteen best dumbbell exercises for bulging muscles, rapid fat loss, or cardiovascular fitness. Such practices might sound too broad and require a gym to work. However, this article discusses how you can achieve this with only your dumbbells in the following thirteen routines:

    • Goblet squat

    • Dumbbell clean

    • Farmer’s walk

    • Bent-over row

    • Two arms dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift

    • One arm swing

    • Dumbbell bench press

    • Crossbody hammer curl

    • Step-ups

    • Dumbbell scaption

    • Dumbbell lunge

    • Single dumbbell shoulder raise

    • And dumbbell calf raise

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      3. 15 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Strong, Chiseled Arms

      Here, you have 15 dumbbell exercise plans if you want to achieve more muscular and chiseled arms. The article explains how you can work on different groups of your arm muscles by using only dumbbells. For more effective results, you must grab at least two size weights dumbbells of 3-20 pounds. However, this depends on your strength.

        The moves to follow include:

        • Summon squat with bicep curls

        • Upright row

        • Overhead tricep extensions

        • Bent-over row

        • Bent-over reverse fly

        • Bicep curl and overhead press

        • Single leg scarecrow

        • Lateral arm raise

        • Pilates boxer

        • Reverse lunge and press

        • Skull crushes

        • Lying chest fly

        • Plank dumbbell row

        • Dumbbell thrusters

        • And Dumbbell bench press

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        4. 7 Compound Dumbbell Exercises That Work Your Core

        In this article, anyone looking to strengthen their core muscles gets some of the best compound dumbbell exercises. There is a lot that everyone can benefit from having a strong core. Some of these benefits include assistance in developing overall strength, reduced lower back pain, and improved balance when handling hefty activities.

          The seven exercises to help you achieve a strong core are as follows:

          • Renegade row with push-up

          • Single leg reverse fly

          • Alternating overhead press

          • Russian twist

          • Reverse lunge with twist

          • Woodchop

          • Single leg deadlift

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          5. 8 Dumbbell Exercises That Are More Effective Than Weight Machines | Livestrong.com

          This article explains how the use of weight machines is rapidly developing into a thing of the past. Though some and maybe you might still use them, weight machines limit your ability to move. Hence, you can lose out on the chance of challenging your strengths and stabilizing your core.

          Hence, this article suggests that the following combinations of machine-to-dumbbells exercises can help you achieve the most out of your workout sessions. They include:

          • Goblet squats

          • Bulgarian split squats

          • Shoulder presses

          • Overhead triceps extensions

          • One-arm dumbbell chest presses

          • Dumbbell chest fly

          • One-arm dumbbell rows

          • Lateral dumbbell raises

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          6. 17 Dumbbell Exercises That Work Your Butt

            Are you looking for a routine capable of shaping that butt? Then this article has what you want. Though dumbbells are mostly known for upper body exercises, this article changes that narrative.

            It explains how weights can improve your glutes’ strength by increasing your intensity in the following ways:

            • Suitcase squat

            • Front squat

            • Deadlift

            • Forward lunge

            • Reverse lunge

            • Curtsy lunge with kick

            • Lateral lunge

            • O’clock lunge

            • Single leg deadlift

            • Single leg deadlift to reverse lunge

            • Squat to lateral leg lift

            • Sumo squat

            • Weighted glute bridge

            • Bulgarian split squat

            • Staggered stance deadlift

            • Weighted circle hydrant

            • And Weighted donkey kick

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            7. The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the 50+ Best Dumbbell Exercises

            Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, amp up your chest, strengthen your back and core, among other things. Weightlifting is a crucial requirement. It enables you to increase your metabolism and bone density, which is essential in the strength training process, according to this article.

              Additionally, this article shares over 50 dumbbells exercise routines to gain more strength while working out. More importantly, these exercises can work ideally both at home or in the gym. So, there's absolutely no reason to excuse yourself from building more muscles.

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              8. I'm a Trainer, and These Are My 15 Favorite Dumbbell Exercises For Building Muscle

              Here, a trainer explains how lifting weights can help you reduce your fats while increasing your muscles. The trainer further explains that the best way to build muscles includes weight lifting while incorporating various compound exercises at the same time. This routine works on different muscle groups, such as the ones on the chest, back, and arms.

                The trainer also shares 15 favorite dumbbell exercises meant for only building various groups of muscles. Before embarking on this routine, you are also informed that this isn’t a workout, but several exercises to inspire your next workout session.

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                9. 15 Essential Dumbbell Exercises For Anyone Who Wants a Bigger Butt

                Like dumbbells can help improve your butt’s strength, you can also achieve a bigger booty from strategic dumbbell exercises. Hence, this article rounds up the most effective exercises specifically designed to help you grow your booty.

                Moreover, the activities suggested here don't require you to have any experience concerning any form of weight lifting exercises.

                  The exercises here will work correctly, whether you are at home or in the gym. They'll help you develop a perkier, more muscular bum, as the article suggests. However, you need to have a pair of medium or heavy weighted dumbbells for effective results.

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                  Final Thoughts

                  If you are looking to improve your core, abs, or build any group of muscles, the above-detailed articles can help you achieve according to your preferences. Each type of exercise and routine requires the utmost discipline and dedication for effective results.

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