A Short Guide to Buying a Treadmill

A Short Guide to Buying a Treadmill

Running on a treadmill is not just effective for the days that the weather conditions hit extreme levels. This exercise equipment can offer you a controlled environment where you can carry on with your workout.

You can easily control the pace, inclination, intervals, and recovery. For instance, you will get used to running at given speeds because you have been compelled to buy a moving belt under your feet.

This will eventually help you be able to run at controlled speeds even in the outdoor.

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What Is The Purpose of a Treadmill?

A Treadmill is a machine that is great for climbing, running, or walking while still staying at the same place. These machines were invented before the development of powered machines.

Treadmills are an effective way to get exercise by allowing people to walk or run while still in one place. They are enjoyed most by people who are often too busy to find time to run outside and especially during days that are not weather permitting.

You can effectively be able to exercise under a limited space and maintain proper body fitness.

In this article, we discuss some basic things to look for when shopping for a treadmill.

How Many Calories Do You Burn On a Treadmill?

The number of calories you burn on a treadmill will depend on the following factors;

The intensity of your exercise

You will be able to burn more calories if your lungs and heart are working extra harder. This can be measured by your pulse or heart rate.

The incline you have selected

Running uphill will help one burn more calories than running downhill or a level surface. It is possible to burn an extra 3 to 5 calories depending on the angle of incline.

The length of your stride

A shorter stride translates to picking your feet up and down more times per kilometre than when running on longer strides. This results in one burning more calories.


What Affects The Cost Of a Treadmill?

The cost of a treadmill is affected by several factors. 

Manual or Electronic

The manual one does not have a flywheel or motor. You walk or run while pushing the belt back at your own pace. Manual treadmills are cheaper than electronic ones.

Electronic treadmills are loaded with features. You can decide your speed, incline, and even set up predetermined workouts. They allow you to create profiles and keep historical data so you can track your progress.

The Top Speed

The higher the top speed of a treadmill, the higher the price.

The Height of The Incline

Some great treadmills can incline to about twenty degrees. Your average treadmill will give you at least two to seven degrees. 

Size, Weight, Delivery, and Assembly

These exercise machines are heavy and rather large. But some of the top manufacturers of these great machines have made them easy to install though it will still take you time. The cost will go higher if the machine is delivered and installed for you.

How Much Does a Treadmill Weigh?

The modern and most recent models weigh between 180 to 250 pounds. However, larger models can weigh much more than this. You will find that lighter, lower-end treadmills do have a weight limit of about 200 to 300 pounds.

There are other high qualities and larger models of treadmill exercise machines that weigh around 300 to 500 pounds respectively. The difference in weight is primarily due to the powerful motors that control the speed and incline.

What Kind of Maintenance Does a Treadmill Need?

Treadmills can last an incredibly long time if they are taken care of properly. Always be sure to read the manual when you buy your treadmill. To ensure that your treadmill stays in good condition, you may be required to perform some minimal upkeep. 

Check the state of the treadmill more frequently.

Always check the state of the touring treadmill before every workout. Check if there are any loose bolts or crews and if the running deck is dry as well. This will help prevent injuries caused by a malfunctioning device.

Clean your treadmill after every use.

Once you finish your workout session, clean it properly so that it remains clean and tidy. This will prevent rusting on the metallic parts and make the machine last longer.

Set up the belt’s tension.

The moment you notice that the running belt is almost slipping underneath, it means it is loose. This is why the running belt tension needs to be frequently checked. All that is required of you is to raise the center of the belt on the side of the treadmill.

Ensure that the treadmill belt is lubricated well.

The lubrication process should be done every six months according to experts. It should be done in a way that the friction decreases and the treadmill produces minimal noise levels.


Check out the extra features you would like installed on your treadmill. There are a variety of program options that can be installed like heart rate monitors and many more.

How Many Users & How They Use It

You should also consider the number of people who will be using the treadmill and how often they will be using it.

Also consider how you will be using your treadmill. Running places more stress on the machine than walking. It also requires a longer belt for a longer stride.