Best Dummy Punching Bags - Training, Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Combat and Grappling Training

Boxing training dummies are an essential piece of training equipment for boxing, MMA training and martial arts. But with so many different brands to choose from it can be hard to know which dummy punching bag is best suited for your training needs. To help you out we have compiled a list of the top dummy punching bags on the market right now that are also available in our store!

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BOB Body Opponent Bag

Who would have thought that sparring with a mannequin to train for self-defense could get so real? The original BOB body opponent bag is the perfect training partner, and now you can choose your height with the adjustable vinyl skin. Use it for target work or for starters, practice those strikes.

The BOB Body Opponent Bag is the original mannequin designed for sparring techniques and target work. With a realistic human form, vinyl skin for realism, and seven height adjustments from 60 inches to 78 inches tall, you can find your favorite setting using the tallest version on the market today. Adjust to a good grip distance with one of the longest torsos on any body-opposition bag. A great tool for kicking and kicks too! Compatibly priced with most budgets without sacrificing quality or safety - an easy investment for anyone who wants keep themselves safe in all their dojo pursuits!

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BOB XL Body Opponent Bag

You'll get the most realistic training possible with this martial arts favorite. Get your kicks in while improving your stance, balance, and speed when you go full-stream against the BOB XL Body Opponent Bag before heading to a fight night. Go head-to-head and never give up with this durable dad bag that stands 40" tall! And when it isn't standing proud, we'll cram him in 一 he even comes with his own base of 24" diameter x 19.5" height - just fill him up with water or sand and this slam man is ready for action again! 

You train like you fight, right? You need a sparring partner that moves just as realistically. BOB is so realistic because he's an actual body with a torso that mimics your own! That means no fighting against just air! With the water filled base and cushioned filling, you can practice kicking and punching at any time without worrying about damaging the dummy or yourself. Imagine how surprised your opponent would be if they saw you up close before their match. They might not fully appreciate it then but believe us when we say this kind of realism will make them thankful for boxing gloves in the future!

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Wavemaster 2XL Pro

The Wavemaster XXL Pro is our most advanced bag for seasoned athletes or aspiring martial artists. This punching bag provides you with a surface area for practicing your kicks and punches with plenty of substance to absorb any technique. The water-filled base features an innovative design that locks into place, while the base can be filled with sand instead! No matter which fill you choose, our 2XL Pro Wavemaster will provide optimum workout conditions and comprehensive training opportunities.

The XXL Wavemaster Pro is perfect for athletes of all sizes to train hard and feel secure. The high-density foam padding protects against impact while the bag locks in place on a tapered base, either filled with water or sand. The XXL Pro strikes an elegant balance between affordability and size for those looking to keep both feet on the ground when training.

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Wavemaster Original

The Wavemaster bag is the perfect way to get in shape and still have some fun. The original freestanding heavy bag will test your skills with kicks, punches, and strikes as you develop power in blows. With a deep base that can be filled with sand or water, this punching bag isn't going anywhere but keeps your workout area clean and tidy! Why settle for less when you could work harder than ever before?

The Wavemaster Original is an all-purpose freestanding punching bag with seven height adjustments for different stance variations. Fill it with water or sand to create a balanced, heavy weight for the optimal striking experience. The durable and reliable construction can withstand hours of abuse from professional fighters and beginners alike!

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Versys VS.1

Versys VS.1 is the ultimate punching bag for MMA, Muay Thai training, grappling, and everything in between! The versatile design absorbs heavy shots so you can spend less time standing around resetting your stuff up. With a full 180 square inches of surface for strikes, get that perfect combination of speed and power that will have you getting unbeatable in no time!

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Traditional Heavy Bag

Consider the traditional heavy bag for: Barriers, punches, training drills. This durable black vinyl shell is reinforced with a web strap and filled with simulating fibers for a more realistic workout experience. With this heavy-duty quality bag, you can conjure up your knockout moves!

This bag is built for the roughest, hardest days. When all you want to do is break through brick walls and train like an animal, this heavy bag will be there with your every move. Its black vinyl shell is resistant to ripping or tearing when used aggressively on a hard surface (such as concrete). Heavy-duty chains ensure that it remains in place, even if outfitted by three people at once. The web straps make sure the weight of 70 lbs., 100 lbs., or one more person helps increase its longevity without exceeding carrying capacity. 

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Torrent T1 Bag

The Torrent T1 Bag is perfect for cardio kickboxing and other fight-fitness training. It features a two-part inner stem design to allow the bag to bend more, and shift the base less. Run after your feet or run with ease? With this solution, it's time for the best of both worlds!

The Torrent T1 bag is the next generation of tae kwon do punching bags. This monstrosity provides supplemental cardio during your sessions with increased impact area and resistance. Featuring a double-stem designed, this bad boy shimmies less than previous models for clean strikes at all levels.

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Kid Kick Wavemaster

The Kid Kick Wavemaster is a great martial arts bag for children, so they can work on their skills. The nylon bag offers flexibility when learning kicks and punching, while the inner high-impact foam provides stability during your practice session. The four height adjustments from 37" to 52" allow kids of all sizes to continue practicing as they grow taller.

It's a piece of durable equipment that provides a safe place to be active without worrying about getting hurt. And of course, you can use it for martial arts training like punches and strikes which are an important part of life skills in children. 

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Final Thoughts

Using a training dummy is a great way to practice strikes and combat. Any of these punching bags are excellent for beginners who are remotely interested in martial arts or MMA. Feel the best cardio workout you'll ever get when using a boxing mannequin!