Enhance Your Workout With A Stair Climber

Are you looking to enhance your workout with a healthy dose of cardio at home? A stair climber is just the thing you need to take your workout to the next level without straining your body. This equipment is best known for engaging all your leg and core muscles while enabling a manageable exercise that can count as a whole workout routine or part of a warm-up or a cool-down. 

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about stair climbers and where to find the best one for your workout routine!

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What Is a Stair Climber?

Stair climbers come in many variations, but their common goal is to simulate ascending a flight of stairs. Unlike a regular flight of stairs where the user goes up and down repeatedly, stair climbers move the stairs to keep you at a steady pace so that you properly engage the muscles in your legs and core. 

While considered a low-impact exercise, a stair climber can be adjusted to affect the intensity of your workout as needed, ensuring you can continue to set new challenges as you progress along your fitness journey. Most machines have different settings available that can start you off slow, allowing you to adjust as you need. You can increase the speed, intensity, and incline of the stairs as you go, even selecting challenge modes on various models that will keep you on your toes in this rewarding exercise.

How to Use a Stair Climber Properly

The machine simulates walking up a flight of stairs, and that's all you have to do. Make use of the quick start settings if you've never used this type of equipment before. 

The key is to take it one step at a time, starting slow and steady. To make the most of your workout, refrain from using the handlebars. It may be tempting to reach out and use them for support, but that limits how many of your muscles are actively engaged in the exercise.

Form is essential to success, so make sure you step with your whole foot! Stepping halfway can cause you to potentially fall off the machine or overexert your calves and hamstrings. Stepping with your whole foot gives you a better range of motion while engaging all the muscles in your leg and toning them as you go. Keep your core tight and wait for the step to extend fully before moving to the next one to gain the most benefit from the exercise.

Remember not to sprint. It can be tempting to put in extra effort, but you put your safety at risk in the process. The exercise is designed to engage all the muscles in your legs as you battle against gravity with each step. Don't strain your body beyond that and risk potential injury.

What Muscles Do Stair Climbers Work Out?

Stair climbers engage the muscles in your legs such as your glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, and core. The stair climber is a great way to work these muscles because the movements are easy on your joints. It is perfect after a heavy workout that leaves your legs weak or for someone with sore knees. The repetitive motions tone your legs as each muscle is worked.

When you avoid using the handrails, you force your body to stay upright by putting your core muscles to work, strengthening your core and abs. It's an efficient exercise that works not just the lower body but also the upper body. This exercise is a great way to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular strength without putting a heavy strain on your joints. 

What Burns More Calories: Elliptical or Stair Climber?

Stair climbers are great for getting in a good workout in a short amount of time. While an elliptical may be easier to use and potentially burn more calories in the short term, a stair climber will benefit you more in the long run. The momentum from an elliptical propels you forward, meaning your body is not as actively engaged, while a stair climber does not. Without the momentum, the workout is more intensive and your body works against gravity to continue forward. 

The calories burned by using an elliptical vary depending on your age, weight, and metabolism. Stair climbers across the board have a similar effect no matter what your circumstances are. All that matters is the duration and intensity of the workout. Men and women can burn hundreds of calories an hour by working steadily on a stair climber, regardless of their weight and age.

Where to Buy a Stair Climber

A stair climber can efficiently step up your workout routine without over-taxing your body. With plenty of models to choose from, there is a stair climber designed for you. Don't wait or waste more than twice the time on other equipment when you could be burning up to four times as many calories on a stair climber!

Incorporate this exercise into your routine and reap the rewards. You can purchase online or visit us in-store to pick up the newest addition to your fitness routine today.