Gifts For The Commercial Gym Rat | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

Gifts For The Commercial Gym Rat | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

If your gift recipient spends more time at the gym than on the couch, you might have a gym rat on your hands. We've curated a short list of gifts they can throw in their bag to enhance their experience when working out away from home. 

Fat Gripz

Increasing grip strength is just as important for PR day as improving form and overall muscle. Fat grips are a functional tool to help your lifter improve grip strength while doing their everyday lifts and are lightweight enough to be tossed in a gym bag. 


Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars 

Clips at commercial gyms can be tough to use and pretty beaten up over time. Make your gym rats setup go even more smoothly by grabbing a pair of magnetic closure barbell collars. Lock-Jaw collars are easy to put on and stick to racks to ensure they won’t go missing between sets. 


Primo Chalk Travel Bag 

Primo chalk is formulated to provide excellent grip without drying out your gym rat's hands. This chalk bag is perfect for on-the-go athletes and makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any lifter. 

Bicep Bomber

Not every commercial or private gym has a preacher curl bench, but the Body Solid Bicep Bomber can give the same result as an arm isolator that is lightweight and able to fit in their gym bag. 


Ankle Cuff

Having a few cable machine attachments handy can help a gym rat get more out of their membership. Not all gyms have attachments like ankle cuffs available, so it's a good investment to get them one of their own, especially if they try out different gyms regularly. 


AbMat Hip Thrust Pad

If your gym rat can hip thrust more than they can deadlift, the AbMat Hip Thrust Pad is an elevated alternative to the barbell pad. Its exercise-specific design has thick padding to help reduce the impact on their pelvic bone while allowing them to get a full ROM in their thrust. 

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