Gifts For The Home Gym Heavyweight | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

Gifts For The Home Gym Heavyweight | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

Whether your gift recipient is just starting their home gym or already has a setup that has taken over their entire garage, we’ve got gift ideas that will bring a smile to their face and extra gains into the new year. 

Heavy Hangers + Weightlifting Chain

After years of lifting, the routine can start to feel stale, and gains might begin to plateau. Help your loved one break the routine with a set of heavy hangers and weight-lifting chains. These options provide varied resistance to help them gain more power from their lifts. 

Fat Gripz

Can’t to get a grip? Fat Grips are a small but mighty addition to a barbell setup helping lifting enthusiasts improve their natural grip strength while doing their regular workouts. 

Lock Jaw Barbell Collars

Help keep your weight lifter's floors intact as they start hitting heavier reps with a solid pair of barbell collars. Lockjaw collars are easy to put on and lock smoothly with a magnetic closure. They also stick to your rack, so they will never go missing between sets. These collars are one of our team's most gifted items, so we're confident your home gym fanatic will be a fan.


245 lb Barbell Plate Set

An Olympic barbell and plate set is the perfect gift for a home gym athlete looking to graduate from dumbbells. Barbell-based lifts provide many options to try new movements and set new goals for 2023.


Preacher Pad

If your home gym enthusiast never skips arm day, the Abmat Preacher Pad might be the perfect gift to help them reach their goals. The Preacher Pad provides the isolation and gains of a preacher curl machine while saving valuable space in their home gym. 



Help your lifter get more out of their dumbbell set with MonkeyFeet. This piece of equipment fixes the dumbbell to their foot allowing them to do movements for lower body they would typically do with a cable machine or lighter ankle weights.

If you're looking for even more options shop our entire Weight Lifting Gift Collection or checkout our other gift guides