Gifts For The Pilates Enthusiast | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

Gifts For The Pilates Enthusiast | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

If a reformer is not in the budget this year, we’ve rounded up a list of the essential equipment that any pilates lover would need to get a fantastic at-home workout. 

A Pilates Ball

A non-weighted pilates ball is often used in classes to help with core stability and muscle activation. The Pilates Ball by Bala are made of thick pop-resistant PVC with a soft matte finish that provides moderate grip. 


A Durable Mat

Help your loved one stay strong through their workout by gifting them a mat that will help them keep their grip even in the most challenging positions. This medium-density mat is durable to last through many sessions and provides enough cushion to help keep their joints supported in challenging classes. 


A Set of Gliders

Replicate the feel of a reformer for a fraction of the cost. Gift your pilates enthusiast a set of gliders that can help them improve their in-class performance at home. The added value of the CoreFX gliders we recommend is that they can be used on both carpet and hardwood floors.


Ankle Weights

Perfect for added resistance during a pilates workout or extra intensity on their daily walk Bala Bangles are a stylish addition to any workout routine. Made with high-quality materials and recycled steel, these ankle weights are durable and designed to fit athletes of every size. 


Light Weight Dumbbell set

Lightweight high-rep exercises are a staple in pilates, and the Bala Bars are lightweight dumbbells designed to feel comfortable to hold for long periods. The soft silicon exterior will ensure this is a gift your loved one won’t want to put down. 


A Bala Power Ring

The Bala Power Ring is a mix of kettlebell and dumbbell that is both functional and beautiful. If your giftee is looking to get stronger in the new year, this is a great addition to their at-home pilates studio.

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