Gifts For The Runner | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

Gifts For The Runner | Fitness Gift Guide 2022

If you have a runner on your gift list this year, we’ve got you covered. This guide is our short list of the best gifts for the person who prefers a Sunday long run over a Sunday sleep-in. 

Therabody Wave Solo

Less pain, more gain is one of our 2023 mottos. The better their recovery, the easier it will be to perform their best at the next start line. The Therabody Wave Solo is used similarly to a lacrosse ball but with added vibration that pinpoints small muscles, perfect for aching arches and hip flexors. 


Lube n Walk 

A squeaky treadmill can turn an enjoyable sprint session into a headache that lasts all day. A treadmill lubrication kit can give your runner's treadmill a new life and is the perfect “I didn't know I needed this” stocking stuffer.

Resistance Bands

Any runner knows a solid warm-up routine is essential for staying injury free for the long term. A good set of resistance bands can help activate muscles pre-run and correct muscle imbalances over time.


A Quality Treadmill

On the days when the snow plows seem to miss their street, it can be helpful to have an alternate option to help keep their training on track. The Technogym MyRun Treadmill is designed to be compact for small home gyms and equipped with an adaptive surface that is easy on your runners knees. 


A TRX Trainer 

If your loved one is looking to increase their power and speed, crosstraining can help them reach their goals without increasing their high-impact activity. TRX trainers are a great compact option for a full-body workout, even when travelling for race day. 


An Ice Barrel

For the long-distance runner or ultramarathoner, recovery is integral to injury prevention. Post-run cold therapy has been proven to help muscle recovery for endurance athletes, and the ice barrel is a great option to mimic the effects of cryotherapy at home. 

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