Northern Fitness Sells Schwinn: Treadmills, Rowers and Exercise Bikes

Schwinn has been in business for over 50 years and they know a thing or two about exercise equipment. They have an extensive line of products that are perfect for any home fitness enthusiast.

This blog post will cover the three main categories: Schwinn treadmills, Schwinn bikes, and Schwinn rowing machines. We will discuss their features, what makes them stand out from the rest, and finally give our opinion on which one we like best!

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Schwinn Treadmills

Schwinn treadmills are very popular because of their low prices and high quality. They have a variety of different models including some that can be folded up for storage, designed to fit in smaller spaces.

810 Treadmill

The 810 Treadmill is designed for both home and commercial use. There are 16 pre-programmed workouts, as well as the ability to create up to 25 custom programs so you never feel bored or complacent with your workout routine again!

The 2 user profiles will make it easy for multiple users within your household with different fitness levels and goals to work out as they please without bumping into each other too much. With a 10% motorized incline, variable speed settings from 0.5 mph - 10 mph, softrak™ deck cushioning system, this machine also features water bottle holders on either side of the console that keeps your hydration near at hand so you can stay focused while working out.

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830 Treadmill

The 830 treadmill is finally here! With unprecedented power and features, you'll find your good old time at the gym replaced with a whole new experience. Benefit from backlit LCD screens that are easy to read through a high resolution which also displays your workout progress in real-time onscreen.

Furthermore, stay powered up throughout the beginning of your run or walk by plugging in any USB device. Now all you need is some cool air blowing right in front of your face for optimum comfort and performance-the three-speed fan will do that just nicely. As always, make exercise enjoyable while getting the perfect tone - our preset exercise programs will do just that every time!

870 Treadmill

Venture out with the new Schwinn 870 treadmill. A product that will allow every level of fitness to reach their weight control, heart health, and training goals with a manual, quick goal, train, weight control, heart health, or interval workouts.

With a Schwinn fitness score calculating your current level of exercise each time you workout on one of its 26 programs including custom workouts there is no excuse to get off the couch for this machine can challenge any type of fitness level.

This feature enables users to quickly adjust their own individual training intensity levels such as walking fast and jogging at an appropriate pace according to personal preferences due to the motorized incline up to 15%.

Schwinn Ellipticals

Schwinn's elliptical machines are an excellent choice for any home fitness enthusiast! They have a variety of designs that range from the typical stationary cycle to fancy models with LCD screens.

The Schwinn AD Pro is one of their most popular because it has a sleek design and can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

Walking into your local box gym can be a dizzying experience with so much on offer. But it doesn't have to be with the Schwinn®470 Elliptical.

This premium elliptical provides 29 programs for you to choose from, 4 custom ones included! You'll also benefit from their patented DualTrack™ blue backlit LCD window system that lets you monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks as well.

Boasting superb quality and innovative features, this trainer will give you the training experience of your dreams.

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical

The Schwinn 430 elliptical tracks time, distance, and calories. Open a comfortable stride with the Precision Path™ Foot Motion Technology or challenge your workout at different incline options. An ergonomically positioned moving handlebar gives riders flexibility for hand placement.

Integrated heart rate contact grips are conveniently located on the fixed handlebars. Streamlined console simplifies features so you can focus on getting fit and working up to more challenging workouts.

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Schwinn 411 Elliptical

With its low-impact, natural motions and minimal footprint, it's designed for today's fitness enthusiasts with limited workout space. You get all the benefits of a larger elliptical without having to sacrifice any features like a big stride (18"), contact heart rate monitor, or wireless engagement monitor.

Schwinn's commitment to providing you a bike that offers expert guidance at every level - from training programs built just for women, to power incline levels down to 0% so you can maintain your form throughout your workout – we're giving you more reasons than ever before to stay in shape this year.

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Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Schwinn exercise bikes are designed to give you a low-impact workout but still provide the great benefits of riding outdoors. There are various styles of exercise bikes, find the one that is right for you!

Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike

The Schwinn IC4 Bike is the perfect balance of power and form to help you achieve your fitness goals. With Bluetooth connection, wireless heart rate monitoring, a larger LCD screen with increased visibility, there's no need to be intimidated by technology anymore.

Quiet magnetic resistance provides for the smoothest ride and 100 adjustable levels will suit any type of workout or variation in pace. You'll stay focused with bigger displays while keeping tabs on the total time, distance traveled, calories burned, RPMs per minute as well as checking your heart rate thanks to our included Bluetooth® heart rates monitor armbands and pedals that can accommodate standard toe cages or SPD clips based on preference. 

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Schwinn IC3 Spin Bike

The Schwinn IC3 is designed to meet the needs of fitness-minded bicycle enthusiasts while harnessing its low impact, cardio-kicking qualities. The bike offers an obvious advantage to cycling enthusiasts with its many perks including being wireless heart rate monitoring and having a generous LCD console.

This also allows anyone on the go can take biking into account when they find themselves having limited time, as this product has proven favorites in our fast-paced lifestyle. So bring better health into your life now by bringing the Schwinn IC3 inside your home today!

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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Want to quickly work out the kinks in your day? Get to know your bike with our home Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. Designed for a fluid, comfortable ride, it moves you quickly towards your goals with dozens of cardio workout options and easy data tracking for monitoring why progress.

From the time, distance, and calorie goals to a fully-featured Explore the World™ compatible console on the bike's interactive display panel; this is one exercise plan that won't leave you stagnant.

Make each minute count by finding balance or play a game while slowly pedaling away at an adjustable angle - whether soaked in sweat from an intense session sipping cold water from a decked-out refreshment cooler set up next to it or chilled out while just watching TV.

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Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

The Schwinn 130 Upright Bike is designed for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Intuitive and ergonomic, it’s loaded with user-friendly features for a cardio workout that’s effective, comfortable and enjoyable.

With a track time, distance and calorie goal monitoring device, Bluetooth® heart rate transmission (strap not included), adjustable angle handlebars with contact heart rate monitors at your fingers tips while riding to stay in the zone – you’ll enjoy an excellent cardiovascular workout without leaving home!

Plus with its high speed motor system ensures effortless pedaling no matter how challenging your terrain becomes. It has something for everyone from beginner exercisers to experienced athletes.

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

You want to get in shape and be active but it’s hard. The Schwinn® 270 Recumbent Bike has 29 programs, 9 heart rate control programs, and 4 levels of resistance for teachers who want an unforgettable experience.

From monitoring time, distance, and calories with wireless data transfer to measuring your pulse on the customizable DualTrack™ blue backlit LCD window system monitor 13 different display feedbacks – there is a program that fits you like no other without any boredom or routine.

For quick reference: Cardio workouts are anything but routine with Schwinn’s features such as 13 different feedback displays including Bluetooth connectivity so you can Connect Faster than ever before with Explore the World™ compatibility.

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Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Easy start-Up, Quiet Operation. You're going to love the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike. The high inertia drive system and easy adjust seat rail slider system make for an easy from your first ride to any of the 20 levels of resistance with a quiet operation for workout environments that demand concentration. Plus, you can monitor time, distance and calorie goals tracked against your previous workouts with heart rate alerts on our streamlined console.

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Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Air Bike

For an intense, full-body workout like nothing you’ve seen before, look to the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne. Your work will always be rewarded with this level of intensity that strengthens and reduces calorie output in one session. It may just seem like another bike as of late but it can provide a whole new workout experience with its signature wind-resistance technology.

You’ll feel comfortable during your workouts thanks to features such as RevMeter™ RPM gauge for serious interval training, and the console layout with continuously visible metrics that let you keep tabs on your progress throughout.

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Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Air Bike

With the Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike, you'll never miss an awesome workout even if you can't get a personal trainer or go to the gym. The resistance system keeps workouts from being too easy while also giving them infinite difficulty levels.

Plus, it's got cool features such as a touchscreen display that measures your heart rate in real time and corrosion resistant steel construction. Get your full on HIIT on at home with your new Schwinn bike today!

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Schwinn Rowing Machines / Rowers

Rowers by Schwinn are surprisingly affordable and have features that make them stand out from other rowers on the market today. They offer some amazing deals for those who want to buy in bulk, perfect for gyms or schools!

Schwinn Crewmaster Rower

This powerful indoor rower from Schwinn has a quiet nylon transmission, an easy-to-read display that tracks time, distance, and calories burned. The oversized steel seat rail with low friction makes for an enjoyable and easy glide when rowing. A large comfort padded seat is ergonomically designed for its user's best convenience and the folding design takes up little space so you can keep your home neat.

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