What Are The Benefits of Wearing a Weighted Vest?

Wearing a weighted vest has benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike. Athletes often wear the weight to build muscle, gain strength or improve endurance. Non-athletes may wear them as a form of therapy such as physical rehabilitation. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of wearing a weighted vest and how it can help you reach your goals!

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Why Should I Wear a Weighted Vest, and What Are The Benefits?

  • Weighted vests stimulate the muscles and help improve your fitness level.
  • There are benefits for those looking to increase strength, endurance, or muscle mass.
  • They can also be a form of therapy such as physical rehabilitation.

How Do Weighted Vests Work?

Weighted exercises work by slowing down your arm movements so that you feel heavier resistance when lifting weights (or using heavy objects) than if you were not wearing them. When combined with normal weight training, they build powerful arms while simultaneously building up core muscles like abs and back muscles! In addition to aerobic exercise benefits in this regard, weighted vests are often used by athletes during running sessions to gain more power on their kicks among other things.

How Much Weight Should I Put On My Vest

The amount of weight you use varies. Some people use as little as five pounds, while others wear up to fifty-pound vests. It is important to start slow and work your way up from there; this will help you avoid injury and make sure it's not too heavy for you.

Aside from the benefits of weighted exercise in general, wearing a weighted vest can also have benefits beyond those traditionally seen with weight training: increased bone density, better posture, improved balance, reduced stress levels (a lot of which comes from carrying around extra weight on your body), decreased risk of diabetes or heart disease...the list goes on!

What Exercises Can I Do With a Weighted Vest

Exercising with weight vests is a great way to introduce resistance. You can do exercises such as weighted squats, push-ups (or elevated push-ups), weighted lunges, calf raises, and more! Any kind of exercise that requires full-body motion works well with a weighted vest.

What factors should I take into consideration before buying a weighted vest?

How Long Should I Wear My Weighted Vest For

Typically, weighted vests are worn for 20-60 minutes. For many benefits to take effect, it’s recommended that you wear your weighted vest for 20-30 minutes a day (depending on the intensity of the exercise).

How Often Should I Wear My Weighted Vest?

You can wear your weighted vest as often as you want! You can also alternate wearing different weights depending on what activity or exercise is being done. It’s common and safe to mix up weights throughout the week so there isn’t too much stress put on one area at one time.

Where to Buy Weight Vests

To offer our customers the best experience, northern fitness sells weighted vests in 20 lbs and 40lbs weights. These vests can be used by athletes or those who need a little assistance with their balance during exercise to stay on track to achieving weight loss goals.

COREFX Weighted Vest 20lb

The COREFX Weighted Vest is a designed with weight distributed equally to ensure comfort throughout the workout. The weighted vest adds hands-free resistance and weight to virtually any physical activity, including walking, jogging, aerobics, squats and lunges, housework, and yard work. With adjustable Velcro straps it gives you that secure snug fit that you want while providing you with range of motion that is perfect for your body!

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COREFX Pro Weighted Vest 40lbs

The COREFX Weighted Vest hugs tightly to the contours of your upper torso for a comfortable and hands-free workout session every time. Keep fit during lengthy workouts by adding 40 pounds (or adjusting accordingly) to your usual routine. Move freely in either direction 360 degrees while performing aerobics, squats

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