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At Northern Fitness, we carefully curate a selection of the best fitness equipment on the market to offer our customers. That way, when you shop with us, you know you're getting the highest quality. And we're proud to announce that we are now offering Atlas Strength home equipment. 

So if you're ready to build up you're strength on a functional trainer, check out our selection of home gym equipment from Atlas Strength. Building muscle and getting toned has never been so accessible.

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Who Is Atlas Strength? 

Atlas Strength is a Toronto-based brand that is new to the scene. But this company is dedicated to bringing top-performance equipment at an affordable price. Their products are made with small spaces in mind, making them ideal for apartments and condos. 

Their all-in-one trainers include everything you need to get started with your workout at home. The attachments for the all-in-one systems include: 

  • Wide Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Landmine
  • Safety Spotters
  • J-Hooks
  • Adjustable Cable Handles
  • Dip Handles

Want to see if Atlas Strength is suitable for your home gym? Check out their top products, all carried by Northern Fitness. 

M810 All-in-One Trainer — Best Overall

The M810 has everything you'd want from your home gym system and more. With up to 440 lbs of weight, seasoned strength enthusiasts will have all the weight they need. It's not easy to think of an exercise you can't do with this system. 


  • Includes wide lat pulldown bar and a leg press attachment
  • Weight stacks of 440 lbs
  • Pulley Ratio 2:1
  • Dimensions: 75" L x 65" W x 86" H
  • 1-year warranty


  • 2:1 pulley ratio allows for faster movements because there's less resistance with every lift on the cords.
  • Leg press attachment included. Don't just focus on arm day. For the best full-body results, take advantage of the leg press attachment so that your legs look and feel just as good as your arms.
  • Upgraded barbell sleeve—this will look great in your home with a stainless steel finish while maintaining oxidation resistance.


  • Plates, barbell, and bench not included. Despite this having the highest price tag of the group, it still doesn't include these popular accessories. However, it's all ready for a bench, barbell, and plates once you purchase them separately. 


Although it comes at a higher price than the others, you'll have everything you need with the M810. It lowers the risk of injury with the large amount of vertical space provided by the Smith machine, and the versatility of the cable system will allow you to meet all your training goals. 

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AL-3035 Half-Smith Rack — Most Affordable

If you're looking for a basic rack system, then shelling out the big bucks for an all-in-one system seems like a poor idea. With the AL-3035, you get the basics covered at a far more affordable price while still getting the high-quality that Atlas Strength offers. 


  • Includes pairs of long and short safety bars
  • Removable horizontal and parallel bars
  • Dimensions: 76.22" L x 64.88" W x 85.94" H


  • Adjustable spring-loaded safety. With excellent stability and a safety catch, safely push the maximum weight without worrying about risks. 
  • Commercial grade pull-up bar. Confidently perform your pull-up exercises on this incredibly stable rack without paying for an all-in-one system price. 
  • Adjustable push-up bars. Get the bar exactly where you need it for your workout needs and perform various push-up exercises. 


  • No functional trainer. As this is purely the half-rack design, you won't get the cables and pulley system that you would have with the other Smith machines, limiting the exercises you can do.


The AL-3035 is ideal for those just looking to do some strength training at home between gym visits. However, it won't meet all your fitness needs as it's limited to the half-rack. But with such a stable Smith machine, you'll quickly find that there are many exercises you can perform on just this one machine and get the fitness results you want. 

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AL-3059 All-in-One Trainer — Best for Rowing Exercises

Combine the features of the M810 but add in a low pulley bar, and you have the AL-3059. This yellow and black design is on the larger side but is more affordable than other systems while still offering plenty of features. 


  • Includes wide lat pulldown bar and a low pull bar
  • Black and yellow colours
  • Dimensions: 79.1" L x 69.98" W x 88.11" H


  • Low pulley bar. This addition is unique to the AL-3059 and is ideal for replicating rowing exercises. It's great for those who want to target different arm muscles that you'd hit on a rower.
  • Durable, robust steel. With the AL-3059, you're getting commercial quality steel that would typically cost much more. However, you'll get the highest quality and top features at a fair price from Atlas.
  • Olympic free weight rack. You'll get all the weight and freedom to hit your weight training goals with top-quality racks combined with a butterfly handle and dip attachments.


  • Largest size. For small, compact spaces, this may not be the ideal system. The AL-3059 has several inches on the M810 and the AL-3035 in every direction, including being taller. Make sure you have plenty of overhead space before opting for the AL-3059.


Clear out space for the AL-3059 because it's worth it. For those who love rowing machines and exercises, you'll especially appreciate the low pulley and this powerful system's durability. 

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AL-3058 All-in-One Trainer — The Sleekest Looking

Just because a home gym system has many features doesn't mean it needs to look overwhelming in your space. The AL-3058 has the features and attachments you would want for your system, but it has a sleek, elegant look. With red and black colours, it will not only help you in your fitness journey but also look great. 


  • Includes wide lat pulldown bar
  • Weight stack 198 lbs
  • Pulley ratio 1:1
  • Black and red colours
  • Dimensions: 79.1" L x 67.9" W x 88.1" H
  • 1-year warranty


  • Chain handlebars. This commercial-grade quality is sure to handle all the weight you put on the bars, and you can accomplish any exercise with these.
  • Easily find new challenges. The multi-grip handles allow you to find brand-new ways to do all your standard moves, allowing you to target different muscles and push yourself even harder.
  • Steel construction. The materials are solid but lightweight. The balanced design makes it look more elegant in your space and makes it easy to move the system when needed.


  • No leg press attachment. The price of this all-in-one system is very similar to the M810. However, you won't get the leg press attachment included. If having a leg press is essential to you, paying out a little more initially for M810 may be preferable.


With so many features and such a beautiful-looking piece of machinery, it's hard to say no to this gym system. Just add a bench, and you'll be cancelling your gym membership in no time. 

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Forget hunting down all the weights, barbells, and benches and the hassle of heading out to the gym for your strength training. With Atlas Strength, you can have a complete home gym for all your strength training needs. And for the best deals on Atlas Strength machinery, Northern Fitness has everything you need for you to accomplish your fitness goals.