Altas Strength Squat Machine Altas AL-6008 Squat Machine with Lat Pulldown & Low Row

AL-6008 Squat Machine with Lat Pulldown & Low Row

Regular price $899.00


This squat rack is equipped with the highest safety requirements while maintaining the original shape. Exercises such as dips, standing and sitting lat pull-downs, hand lifts, squats, push-ups, and chin-ups can be done with this squat machine.

It can also do incline decline flat shoulder press, and stretch with a bench. Muscles in the various areas of the body can be effectively trained.

  • Product Weight: 198.4 lbs (90kg)
  • Product Dimensions: 63.25" L x 55.25" W x 88.5" H
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty on parts.

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