BlazePod Speed & Agility BlazePod Standard Kit
BlazePod Speed & Agility BlazePod Standard Kit

BlazePod Standard Kit

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The BlazePod Standard Kit is the perfect addition to any fitness enthusiast's routine. With 4 Pods and plenty of predefined activities, you can enhance your workouts and take your fitness journey to the next level. The powerful RGB LEDs come in 8 different color options, allowing for customization and a fun, interactive workout experience.

Built to last, the BlazePod Standard Kit is water-resistant (IP65) and UV protected, ensuring durability during even the most intense workouts. The pods are designed to be simple and intuitive, with no power button or moving parts to complicate things. Plus, they are portable, small, and lightweight, making it easy to take your BlazePods wherever your fitness journey takes you.

With the unique BlazePod adapters, you can lift the pods off the ground and increase the versatility of your workouts. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge, and the space-saving smart stack & charge feature makes it easy to keep your pods organized and ready for use.

The BlazePod Standard Kit also offers Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication, allowing for immediate smartphone pairing and up to 40-meter device-to-pod range. This means you can easily create and customize your workouts on your phone and then get moving with the BlazePods.

Take your fitness to the next level with the BlazePod Standard Kit - the perfect tool for enhancing your workouts and achieving your fitness goals.

  • 4 BlazePods
  • Charging Base
  • BlazePod case for 4 Pods

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