Northern Fitness Challenger Lifting Bundle

Challenger Lifting Bundle

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Introducing the Challenger Lifting Bundle – an all-in-one solution designed to revolutionize your home gym and redefine your strength training journey. This comprehensive bundle combines three powerhouse components that seamlessly integrate to create a versatile and dynamic workout space.

1. Personal Series Short Power Rack: Engineered for strength and stability, the Personal Series Short Power Rack serves as the cornerstone of this bundle. Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides a secure environment for your most challenging lifts.

2. Vertex VX100 FID Adjustable Bench: Versatility meets comfort with the Vertex VX100 FID Adjustable Bench. This bench seamlessly adjusts to multiple incline, decline, and flat positions, allowing you to target various muscle groups with precision. The premium construction ensures stability, while the comfortable padding supports your body during intense workouts. Elevate your bench press, flys, and other exercises with this essential component of the Challenger Lifting Bundle.

3. 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700 lb Bar Set: Fuel your gains with the robust 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700 lb Bar Set. This set provides the perfect balance of weight and durability, featuring a 700 lb-rated Olympic bar and rubberized grip plates for easy handling. Whether you're deadlifting, squatting, or performing Olympic lifts, this set offers the reliability and performance needed for a challenging workout.

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