Northern Fitness Complete Lifting Bundle

Complete Lifting Bundle

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Unleash the power of a complete and comprehensive lifting experience with our Complete Lifting Bundle – an all-in-one solution for building strength, sculpting muscle, and achieving your fitness goals. Designed for versatility and performance, this bundle combines essential pieces of premium fitness equipment to create the ultimate home gym setup.

  1. Personal Series Power Rack + Lat Row Attachment: Take control of your workouts with the Personal Series Power Rack. Engineered for safety and functionality, this power rack provides a sturdy and secure environment for squats, bench presses, and other compound movements. The adjustable J-hooks and safety spotter arms offer flexibility in your exercise selection, making it a must-have for any serious lifter. With a compact design that doesn't compromise on stability, the Personal Series Power Rack is the foundation of a powerful and efficient home gym.

  2. Orion Elite FID Adjustable Bench: Elevate your training sessions with the Elite FID Adjustable Bench. Offering multiple incline and decline positions, this bench is a versatile companion for a wide range of exercises. Built with durability in mind, this bench provides a comfortable and stable platform for both strength and core workouts. Whether you're pressing, curling, or performing flyes, this adjustable bench adapts to your workout needs.

  3. 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700lb Bar Set: Maximize your lifting potential with our 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700lb Bar Set. Crafted for durability and performance, the rubber grip plates offer a secure and ergonomic grip, protecting both your hands and floors. The 700lb Olympic bar completes the set, featuring a knurled grip for enhanced stability during heavy lifts. With a total weight capacity of 700 lbs, this set is your ticket to progressive strength gains.

  4. Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set + 3 Tier Rack | 5-50lb: Diversify your workouts with the Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set and 3 Tier Rack. This set includes a range of rubber-coated hex dumbbells, each designed for comfort and durability. The 3 Tier Rack provides easy access and organized storage for your dumbbells, keeping your workout space neat and efficient. From curls to rows, the Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set adds a dynamic element to your strength training routine.

Quick Tip: Our dumbbells arrive with a protective coating to keep them in top condition. A brief wipe to remove any excess oil helps prevent stains on your gear or surfaces.

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