Fat Gripz Strength: Lifting Accessories Fat Gripz Total Progression Bundle
Fat Gripz Strength: Lifting Accessories Fat Gripz Total Progression Bundle

Total Progression Bundle

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Just put them on your bars and work out like normal! 

The Fat Gripz Total Progression Bundle includes: 

The One Series- 1.75" Diameter, the Original- 2.25" Diameter and the Extreme- 2,75" Diameter. 

Fat Gripz fits perfectly onto any bar. You’ll feel the difference immediately. With Fat Gripz, you’re doing functional grip training. You’re improving your grip at the same time as bench pressing, overhead pressing, deadlifting, rowing – making these exercises massively more effective.

Fat Gripz is made from a high-density military-grade compound a lot like rubber that can be pulled open and will then snap back and clamp itself around the bar. This will instantly convert dumbbells, barbells and pull-up bars into thick bars (so that you can reclaim your lost size and strength gains).

The military-grade hardened compound in Fat Gripz doesn’t compress when you hold them. It doesn’t matter if you’re curling 60 lb or deadlifting 500 lb. Fat Gripz won’t compress – so you’re always getting effective thick bar training.

Primary Goal Functional Training - For Accelerated Size and Strength Development On All Exercises
Diameter All Sizes Included- 
Length  4.8 in / 12.19 cm
Color Orange

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