Northern Fitness Garage Gym Bundle
Northern Fitness Garage Gym Bundle

Garage Gym Bundle

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Introducing the Garage Gym Bundle – a complete package designed to transform your garage into a versatile fitness haven. This carefully curated collection of premium equipment brings together strength training, conditioning, and functional fitness for a well-rounded workout experience.

  1. 3-in-1 Foam Plyobox: Take your plyometric training to new heights with the 3-in-1 Foam Plyobox. This versatile plyobox offers three different heights, making it perfect for explosive exercises like box jumps and step-ups. Crafted from durable foam, it ensures a stable platform for your workouts, enhancing both safety and performance in your garage gym.

  2. Parallette Bars: Elevate your bodyweight workouts with the Paralette Bars. Designed for versatility, these portable bars unlock a world of exercises, from dips and push-ups to L-sits and handstands. Their sturdy construction provides a reliable foundation for challenging bodyweight movements, allowing you to target different muscle groups and enhance your functional strength.

  3. 275 LB Rubber HD Olympic Bumper Plate + Bar Set: Maximize your strength gains with the 275 LB Rubber HD Olympic Bumper Plate + Bar Set. The rubber bumper plates are engineered for durability and minimal bounce, while the Olympic bar is crafted for heavy lifts. This set is the cornerstone of your garage gym, enabling a wide range of compound movements and Olympic lifts to sculpt and strengthen your entire body.

  4. 16KG & 24KG Cast Iron Kettlebells: Add a dynamic dimension to your workouts with the 16KG and 24KG Cast Iron Kettlebells. Versatile and durable, these kettlebells are essential for swings, Turkish get-ups, and a variety of other functional exercises. Perfect for building strength and endurance, these kettlebells bring a new level of intensity to your garage gym routine.

  5. Orion 50ft Battle Rope: Ignite your cardiovascular training with the Orion 50ft Battle Rope. Engineered for durability, this battle rope is designed for high-intensity workouts that engage your core, arms, and legs. Whether you're slamming, waving, or whipping, the Orion Battle Rope adds an exciting and effective cardio element to your garage gym regimen.

  6. Zenith ZX800 Squat Stands: Build a solid foundation for your strength training with the Zenith ZX800 Squat Stands. Compact and robust, these squat stands provide a secure platform for squats, lunges, and other free-weight exercises. The adjustable height settings accommodate various workout preferences, making them an essential component of your garage gym for versatile strength training.

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