B Yoga Yoga & Pilates Mats Gripster Towel
B Yoga Yoga & Pilates Mats Gripster Towel

Gripster Towel

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Sweat is our body's natural cooling system.

Power through, sweat hard, and don't hold back. Your gripster yoga mat provides the support and security you need during any sweaty venture.

This super absorbent quick-drying towel features a wet-grip top and silicone grips on its base to ensure it stays in place as you move through your class, workout, or flow.

Never let a sweaty mat and the fear of slipping hold you back again.

Good for your practice. Good for the planet.

    • Super grip
    • Highly absorbent
    • Convenient
    • Compact size
    • Dimensions: 0.2" x 26.5" x 72"

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