Life Fitness Home Gym Life Fitness G2 Gym System
Life Fitness Home Gym Life Fitness G2 Gym System
Life Fitness Home Gym Life Fitness G2 Gym System

G2 Gym System

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Powerful, But Compact Enough to Fit in Tight Spaces! 

The G2 Home Gym provides a variety of total-body exercises in a space-saving design. This compact fitness equipment offers easy-to-use, biomechanically correct fixed motion strength training.

  • VARIABLE ARC PRESS - Variable arc press arm allows for both traditional (chest press), converging (converging chest press), and extended arm (pec fly) paths of motion from the same seated position
  • PROPER FORM - Ergonomically-positioned handles prompt proper wrist angles during pressing and pulling exercises
  • GUIDED POST - Magnetic exercise cards guide you through exercise setup and posture and can be arranged to customize a workout
  • STRATEGIC POSITIONING - Pivot arcs are strategically positioned to prove the most natural feel during full ranges of motion
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES- Lat bar, lat row bar, ankle strap
  • Weight Stacks: 1 x 160 lbs
  • Type of Motion: Fixed Motion
  • Dimensions: 71" L x 48" W x 83" H
  • Frame, Welds Pulleys and Parts - Lifetime
  • Upholstery Pads & Cables - 3 years

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