Ironmaster Bench Preacher Curl attachment
Ironmaster Bench Preacher Curl attachment

Super Bench/PRO Preacher Curl Attachment

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Expand the capabilities of your already robust Ironmaster Super Bench with Ironmaster's preacher curl attachment. Preacher curls are one of the best bicep exercises for building definition and size onto your arms because they isolate the bicep so well. Use this attachment with a barbell, cable machine, or dumbbell.

Ironmaster's preacher curl attachment is designed exclusively for use with the Ironmaster Super Bench. Unlike most other preacher curl stands, our unit features adjustability for better personalization by either adjusting the bench angle or changing the pad angle with the built-in selector pin.

Unlock the full potential of your Ironmaster Super Bench with the Preacher Curl Attachment. Ideal for building bicep definition and size, the attachment allows for isolation of the bicep and can be used with a barbell, cable machine, or dumbbells. Enhance your workout and take your arm training to the next level with Ironmaster.

  • 10-year: Functional & Structural Components
  • 1-year: Wearable Parts (Rubber)
  • (Warranty covers home use only)

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