Balanced Body Yoga & Pilates 25" Light (Yellow) Slastix Resistance Bands
Balanced Body Yoga & Pilates 25" Medium (Blue) Slastix Resistance Bands
Balanced Body Yoga & Pilates 42" Large (Red) Slastix Resistance Bands

Slastix Resistance Bands

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Designed for use on the EXO Chair, Slastix™ Resistance Bands are a versatile option on the Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Tower and Springboard. Snap clips make them easy to attach and remove quickly and safely. Adding resistance training in to your Pilates workout will build strength and endurance!

Note: All bands come in pairs except the Heavy (Red) bands.

Available in different lengths and resistance:

  • Light (Yellow), 25″ (63cm)
  • Medium (Blue), 25″(63cm)
  • Light (Yellow), 31″ (79cm)
  • Medium (Blue), 31″(79cm)
  • Heavy (Red), 42″(107cm)

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