Teeter Inversion Tables Better Back Neck Restore
Teeter Inversion Tables Better Back Neck Restore
Teeter Inversion Tables Better Back Neck Restore

Better Back Neck Restore

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Find Relief with the Teeter Neck Restore

The Better Back™ Neck Restore by Teeter provides support of the upper neck/cervical spine for gentle traction or decompression of the neck and self-administered suboccipital release, a technique to reduce tension in the supporting muscles of the neck. Apply firm, yet comfortable pressure to loosen tight, sore muscles while lying naturally and gently on a flat surface OR while inverted on a Teeter Inversion Table for added neck support and tension relief at virtually any angle. 

Customizable Relief - Comes with two inserts that easily swap out for the other depending on the desired type of support.

Flexible Arch Insert - Offers gentle arch support and added decompression, helping to restore the natural curve of the neck. Add pressure-point relief with Teeter Acupressure Nodes (sold sep) that insert into two slots.

Textured Rubber Insert - Offers firm pressure and suboccipital release, helping to relieve muscle tension and ease tension headaches. Place the rubber insert into the freezer for cooling relief that can help reduce inflammation, nerve activity, and joint pain.

Relieve Tension Headaches - Suboccipital muscles, which are located at the base of the skull, control the turning and tilting of the neck. When tense, they can refer to pain throughout the head and neck, often resulting in tension headaches. The Textured Rubber Insert applies firm pressure directly to these trigger points, which will initially feel tender but eventually relax after several minutes for reduced pain and tension.

Versatile Use – Use as a standalone self-massage tool or easily attach to your Teeter Inversion Table with the Hook & Loop straps for added neck support and tension relief at virtually any angle.

Rotating Base - The patented swivel feature allows for optimal positioning and side-to-side pressure to enhance the decompression and massage. The steel roller bearing system delivers the smoothest rotation for ease of use and comfort.

Cryotherapy - Rubber insert can be removed and chilled in the freezer for a therapeutic cooling sensation.

5 Year Full Warranty

During the period starting with the day of retail purchase and continuing for five (5) years, Teeter extends to the owner a repair and replacement warranty against manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship, fabrics and padding. Teeter will repair or replace any such defect and will pay the costs of all parts, labor and transportation. If a repair or replacement is not commercially practical or cannot timely be made, then Teeter will, at the original Purchaser’s option, replace
with a comparable product or refund the purchase price.

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