P2 Back Stretcher

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Relief anytime, anywhere! 

The P2 Back Stretcher by Teeter is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and effective way to help decompress your spine at home and when you're on the go. With a simple push on the handles, you can stretch and help relax tense muscles. 

East to Use - 3 Ways in 1 Simply sit or lie down with feet flat or propped on a chair with the foam rollers resting against the back of your knees and push on the handles to apply gentle traction to the lower back for effective relief.

Best Used For Back pain, Sciatica, Muscle Tension, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Curvature Due to Tight Muscles, Muscle Spasm & Facet Syndrome.

Light Weight and Compact Weighing just under 4 lbs., it's easy to maneuver and can be stored just about anywhere in your home. Or disengage the Lap Pad Bar and slide into a travel bag for decompression on the go.

Large Roller Supports The soft foam supports have a large surface area and seat comfortably behind the knees to provide leverage during the stretch without causing unpleasant pressure. 

Contoured Lap Pads Slide horizontally or rotate to any angle. The Lap Pad provides a customized fit over the thighs in just the right position for every user. 

Comfortable Grips Foam-covered handles with a soft, non-slip surface provide maximum traction and comfort while pushing to decompress the spine.

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