Where to Buy Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

Where to Buy Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

Powerblock has all the products and accessories you need to complete your workout at home. Whether you want to have a strength training, high-intensity training, and more, you will enjoy using their adjustable dumbbells that are preferred by many athletes for training.

Powerblock is a popular company in the market that has been manufacturing high-quality home gym equipment for years. They have amazing kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, and weight benches.

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Since the Powerblock adjustable dumbbell is lightweight and portable, you will enjoy the best training while getting the flexibility to train in any place you visit.

They can also be integrated with other accessories, which turns them into Olympic bars or kettlebars. And if in need of a total workout, you can upgrade your SportBench with a chin-up bar or dip station to give you a more effective body workout.

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What are Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

Powerblock refers to easy to use and amazing adjustable dumbbells. If you want to adjust the weights, then remove the pin and choose a rail that has a particular weight. Next, insert the pin into that slot, and you will be ready to start lifting.

These dumbbells are great for home training. They have an unusual rectangular profile which hinders a little movement. However, this is compensated by the immense value and durability.

Powerblock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells

Powerblock's top product, Powerblock Sport 2.4 adjustable dumbbell set, is a lightweight set that has higher standards just like other dumbbells. Despite this, it's durable, of high quality and has a good warranty that gets rid of its competition.

It is also one of the toughest adjustable dumbbells in the industry, and with the 10 years warranty it comes with, you will shop with more confidence. And though you won't want to drop them just like you do with the dumbbells in your local gym, they will survive the drop.

However, most of the dumbbells contain plastic in their make, which is not ideal for weight training as you may drop the dumbbell. This model has a little plastic at the handles, which is negligible. Besides, they adjust in only a few seconds, and you have to place the pin in your desired weight stack and get going.

Where to Buy

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