Why You Need a Bench Press Workout Routine

A bench press workout routine is highly recommended for men and women of all fitness levels. There is plenty of variation in the type of exercises you can do as well as targeting many different muscle groups.

Adding the bench press into your workout is very simple, and only requires a few key pieces of equipment. Here are some recommendations from our store.

In a gym setting, it is easy to feel judged for the way you bench press your weights. It does not matter how long you can hold the yoga plank or how many packs you have on your front midsection. You may not be happy either by maxing your bench press at just 185.

It is actually time you need to add some heavy plates to the bar and increase your entire bench press set. In this article, you will learn a basic bench press routine, why you should increase bench press, and the exact muscles it works on.

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Why You Need a Bench Press Workout Routine

A routine in bench press activity is essential to help you effectively achieve your goal. The routine should be friendly to your other activities and body such that you do not interfere with them or ultimately damage your muscles.

You need to at least give yourself a day in between the day press to heal your muscles. The number of reps you partake in a day are determined by your aim of fitness. Performing 3 to 5 reps in a single set, for up to 3 sets a day is enough for heavyweights. Always make sure to rest in between each set.

Periodization Technique

Focus on the same bench press style may lead to injury on the stressed body part. Some of the techniques include:

  • Bar speed: This is the speed with which you lower a bar to your chest and press it up as high as possible. Slow speed is for warm-up, while high speed is for power and weight increase.
  • Recovery technique: Turing the bench press, the elbow stresses the shoulder muscles, and therefore there is a need for healing. This can be done with easy stability exercises.
  • Warm-up and cool down: When warming, keep it simple because you are just mobilizing the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Start with exercises like pushups and dips. Just when you are almost done with the bench press, you need to cool. Take a pull up bar and hang on it, then relax for 2 minutes.

What Muscles Do Bench Presses Work On?

Doing bench presses works on several muscles on the body. First, the pectorals are all chest muscles, and they are activated during a standard bench press. Delts, which are the front shoulder muscles, are activated significantly by the incline press. Triceps are also worked on and made more firm. Lastly, it works on the forearm to increase the gripping ability.

Benefits of bench press workout routine

  • Increasing upper body strength
  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Strengthens the body for sports
  • Prepares the upper body for movement

Bench press is a great exercise to attain your desired body size and shape. Combine bench press with other exercises for optimal and faster results.