Concorde Yoga Yoga Strap
Concorde Yoga Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap

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The Concorde Yoga Strap is an excellent tool for those looking to develop more flexibility required for certain movements. This is a simple but effective tool for improving your flexibility and range of motion. It can provide extra but controllable tension.

Why You Need It

The Concorde Yoga Strap will help improve your stretching and flexibility, so you can hit hard poses and sustain these poses for longer time.

How It Helps

The Yoga Strap is great to assist with getting into the proper pose or yoga position, as you gain more flexibility.

What You Can Do With It

Yoga Straps are perfect for Yoga, Pilates, daily stretching, or physical therapy (PT) for additional range of motion.

  • Top Quality: Constructed of 100% strong cotton webbing with an unbreakable PVC buckle.
  • Size: 6′ Long, providing the optimal length for stretching.
  • Lightweight Design: Features a lightweight and compact design so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

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