Northern Fitness Functional Smith Bundle

Functional Smith Bundle

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Introducing the Functional Smith Bundle – an all-in-one solution designed to revolutionize your strength training experience. This comprehensive bundle combines cutting-edge equipment to create a versatile and functional home gym that caters to your every fitness need.

  1. ETX Functional Power Smith: Elevate your strength training with the ETX Functional Power Smith. This innovative piece of equipment combines the precision of a Smith machine with the versatility of functional training. The Smith machine offers a guided barbell experience for controlled lifts, while the functional training features allow for a wide range of dynamic exercises. With its sturdy construction and adjustable settings, the ETX Functional Power Smith is a game-changer for your home gym, providing a safe and effective platform for all your strength-building workouts.

  2. Orion Elite FID Adjustable Bench: Complement your Functional Power Smith with the Orion Elite FID Adjustable Bench. Engineered for versatility, this bench offers multiple incline and decline positions, allowing you to target various muscle groups with precision. The heavy-duty construction ensures stability during even the most intense workouts, making it the perfect partner for both free weights and Smith machine exercises.

  3. 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700lb Bar Set: Maximize your lifting potential with the 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700lb Bar Set. Crafted for durability and performance, the rubber grip plates provide a secure and ergonomic hold, protecting your floors and enhancing your grip strength. The 700lb Olympic bar is designed for heavy lifts, featuring a knurled grip for added stability. This set is the foundation of your Functional Smith Bundle, offering a complete solution for progressive strength training.

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