Nautilus Leg Press Inspiration Glute Press
Nautilus Leg Press Inspiration Glute Press
Nautilus Leg Press Inspiration Glute Press

Inspiration Glute Press

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The Nautilus Inspiration Glute Press brings a new dimension to your core training. This machine boasts a triple extension movement, engaging hip, knee, and ankle for comprehensive glute isolation. The Inspiration Glute Press is fully featured with torso isolation bars and an adjustable ramping feature, ensuring superior support and user-friendly touch points for targeting the glutes. Address muscle imbalances, strengthen individual hip muscles, and perfect your hip extension with every rep. 

The Inspiration Glute Press enhances leg muscle synergy, engaging joint stabilizers and core for balance, with targeted isolation and intuitive adjustments for an effective glute workout.

  • Triple extension movement – hip extension, knee extension and ankle plantar flexion 
  • Torso stabilization bars
  • Accommodates all users with adjustable ramping feature
  • Lock N Load weight selection featuring 5lb increments 
  • Moving image lenticular instruction placard
  • Stack Weight: 240 LB (109 KG)
  • Overall Weight: 600 LB (272 KG)
  • Shipping Weight: 679 LB (308 KG)
  • Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH): 75" x 45" x 64"

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