NOHrD WallBar Bench
NOHRD Benches WallBars Bench
NOHrD WallBar Bench
NOHrD WallBar Bench
NOHrD WallBar Bench
NOHrD WallBar Bench
NOHRD Benches WallBar Bench

WallBars Bench

Regular price $599.00


The WallBars Bench is a workout bench and back support in one. By hanging the bench into various rungs, you will expand your exercise routine. Simply store this sleek accessory directly onto the WallBars, post workout. Not only a useful workout accessory - the WallBars bench can be hung directly into the rungs for easy storage. Solid wood and hard-wearing leather: the workout bench is a perfect combination of these two materials. Each workout bench is made with precision handwork and tested for durability - true custom work with the label "Made in Germany“.

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