3 Most Common Bench Dumbbells Exercises

Dumbbells have been essential pieces of gym equipment since their invention. They integrate both convenience and diversity. One of the main reasons they've become so popular over the years is their diverse usability. You can use dumbbells to perform several exercises that target different muscles of your body.

Besides that, dumbbells are also useful in saving you space, especially the adjustable dumbbell. If you plan to work out at home, you only need a bench leaning against a wall for a minimalist setup.

With this piece of gym equipment, you can perform a full-body workout in minimal time.

What Makes Bench and Dumbbells a Good Combination?

Weight lifting requires ample exercise equipment. If you are not creating a vast home gym, you need something compact and practical at the same time. Because dumbbells are naturally diverse, using them while standing won’t unlock their full potentials.

So, this is where the bench and dumbbells combination comes in. Workout benches come in many shapes and sizes, with each of them bearing several advantages. Additionally, these different types of benches offer different exercise scenarios. Some are designed best for abdominal workouts, bench, and dumbbell exercises, among many more.

Such capabilities give you optimal diversity for a full-body workout using dumbbells on the bench.

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3 of the Most Common Bench Dumbbells Exercises

Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press remains the most common among popular bench dumbbells exercises. It focuses on the chest muscles, and significant results are best realized when you work out on a flat bench.

Bench Shoulder Press

Although you can also do these when standing, sitting down on a bench while performing shoulder presses is an excellent way to leverage this exercise type. Bench shoulder press workout helps you build more muscular shoulders and back as well.

Kneeling One Arm Row

While kneeling with one arm and knee on the bench, this is one of the best bench dumbbells workout for your back. It’s a comfortable and yet effective way of strengthening your back by targeting the back muscles.

    Which Muscles Can You Workout Using a Bench and Dumbbells?

    Chest Muscles – Like mentioned earlier, you can effectively achieve a more muscular and puffier chest with chest bench press exercises using dumbbells.

    Triceps – You can also workout on the bench using dumbbells to strengthen your triceps with the triceps kickback exercise.

    Back Muscles – The one effective here is the kneeling one arm row dumbbell exercises explained above. It helps you achieve the most out your back muscles workout as you interchange between your body's left and right sides.

    Pectoral Muscles –For these muscles to experience a full workout, you’ll need a bench and dumbbells and a workout routine called the lying fly. The lying flu doesn’t only exercise your deeper chest muscles, but also adds strength to your triceps.