How To Get Bigger Chest Muscles With a Cable Machine

There's nothing like a cable machine for developing your upper torso. Your pectorals, deltoids, and triceps are the key muscles used in cable workouts: the machine puts intense strain on these areas in a way that other gym equipment can't match.

Are you concentrating on your upper body strength? Check out these chest workouts and discover how a cable machine can take your regime to the next level.

Single Cable Machine Chest Workouts

Single cable exercises ensure that you're giving each side the same treatment. We all have a stronger side, and when using both arms at once, it's easy to let this side “compensate” for the other. Single cable chest workouts help you develop each side of your chest equally.

Some good single cable workouts include:

  • Unilateral press: Standing in front of the machine with your legs staggered, grasp the handle overhand. Push your arm forward from a tensed position at shoulder height until it's fully extended in front of you.
  • Seated chest press: Similar to the unilateral press, but seated. Rather than holding your elbow at shoulder height, it should be slightly lowered. Extend forward and repeat.
  • One-arm crossover: Fully extend your arm outwards to the side and keep your elbow slightly crooked. Pull the handle down across your body until it reaches your opposite hip, and repeat.

These exercises are also great for working on your form. They allow you to feel every part of your lower chest and upper chest as you work out.

Top tip: When doing single cable exercises, try to keep your core as straight as possible. Twisting can easily lead to lower back injuries.

Cable Machine Chest And Back Workout

Any workout that involves your back is risky – take care to retain good posture when trying any of these exercises. A cable machine is one of the best ways to strengthen your chest and back without putting your back at risk, as it doesn't require much twisting or bending.

Here are some great choices:

  • Decline chest pullover: You need the machine at its lowest position. Lie down on a bench. Attach two grips and hold them with both hands. Lying down with your head near the machine while keeping your arms straight, pull the handle from a position above your head to a position over your stomach. This works out your latissimus dorsi muscles – key areas if you're interested in building your chest and back at once.
  • Straight-arm pulldown: Hold two handles and face the machine. Keep your arms almost entirely straight and your legs braced. Pull down from a position around 45 degrees above your shoulders to your thighs.

Top tip: Use your legs whenever doing back exercises. Keep them slightly bent and if your back begins to feel uncomfortable, adjust your leg position. Upper chest and back exercises are also a type of “leg day”!

Cable Machine Chest And Shoulder Workout

Working your anterior deltoids helps develop a powerful upper body. Here's how to build your chest and shoulder areas at the same time.

  • Close grip press: Stand in front of the machine and take a grip on each handle. Hold your arms braced outwards. Bring your arms in until you could “grip” your hands together – hold the position. Release and repeat.
  • Low grip flyes: Grip the handles at waist height, 45 degrees from your body. Brace your arms and bring them up together until they're 90 degrees in front of you at shoulder height.

These chest and shoulder exercises emphasizes the importance of holding a position before releasing and repeating. The longer you can go per rep, the more effective the exercise is for your chest and shoulder areas.

Cable Machine Lower Chest Exercises

Exercises that work your lower chest tend to be downward and inward-forcing. Flyes and crossovers are excellent exercises to build up this area.

Cable Machine Upper Chest Exercises

Presses and wide-arm exercises are often more effective for chest workouts that emphasizes the upper area. Any cable exercise that involves lifting higher will work well for upper pec development.

Remember that if you don't feel an exercise is hitting where it should, it might be a technique issue. Try single cable exercises to learn whether a rep is hitting your lower or upper pecs harder.

Where To Find Your Own Cable Machine Canada

You can find the best cable machines for home use and upper-body workouts on our website. Consider the best machines for your regimen and find a machine that will change your upper torso forever.

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