Can Cable Machines Be Used For a Bicep Workout

Have you wondered why there are cable machines in almost all the gyms you walk into? The reason is simple. Most fitness experts have realized that these machines are the best option for arm workouts.

Additionally, they have various attachments you can use to customize them to satisfy your exercise goals. From straight bars and d-handles to ropes, these machines are more versatile than most workout tools. 

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Can You Do Arm Workouts on a Cable Machine?

Yes! Cable machines are among the best workout tools for training triceps and biceps. In fact, you can use the machine on its own or alongside dumbbells. The greatest advantage of cable machines is that they offer flat resistance, meaning the resistance is constant throughout the motion range. This is not the case with free weights. 

Cable Machine Bicep Curls

Cable machine bicep curls are easy to incorporate into your arm workouts. For this exercise, adjust the cable machine by attaching the cable at the bottom. This will allow for an underhand grip. Extend the metal grip so you can comfortably hold it in your hands with your palms facing up.

Bend your knees slightly and plant your feet firmly on the floor. You can then curl the cable weight toward your chest in an upward motion. Hold the contraction’s end for a second, then lower your forearm to the starting point. Keep the cable under tension and stop before the weights get back to the stack. 

Cable Arm and Back Workout

Cable arm and back workouts work best when you exercise one arm at a time. This exercise allows greater motion range while maximizing the contraction of your back muscles. 

To perform this exercise, keep your shoulders back and down. Pull as you rotate your wrist, remembering to keep your elbow as close to your body as possible while pulling back. Switch to the other arm and do the same. 

If you are dominant on one side of your body, you can focus on the less dominant side. The single-arm workout is great for balancing out your strength. 

Cable Triceps Extension Workout

The cable triceps extension workout is a great exercise for arm workouts that focus on the tricep muscle. 

A great way to perform this exercise is by using a rope attachment. Adjust the rope at the highest point and hold the ends of the attachment in each hand. Turn around so that you face away from the cable machine. 

You should hold the attachment over your head while standing in a split stance. Brace your core as you inhale. Straighten your elbow, then exhale as you pull the rope’s end forward. Your wrist should remain straight at all times. 

Completely extend your elbows and squeeze your triceps. Finally, bend your elbow, inhale, and return to the standing position. 

Cable Arm and Shoulder Workout

The cable arm and shoulder workout is meant to strengthen your upper body muscles, especially the shoulders. There are many variations you can choose from when using the cable machine, with the most popular being the single-arm lateral raises.

To do this exercise, stand close to the machine and adjust the cable to the lowest point. Attach the cable handle and grasp it in one hand. The cable should run behind your legs with your arm to one side.

Raise your arms straight up as you exhale (stop when your hand is horizontal). Lower your arm back down as you inhale. Always ensure your elbow is slightly bent, but don’t let the elbow joint flex. Make sure you work out so that your arm and shoulder muscles do most of the work. Perform the exercise on both sides. 

How to Get Bigger Biceps With Weights

Some great exercises for bigger biceps include: 

  • Concentration curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Cable curls
  • Incline dumbbell curls

Whether you're performing bicep curls or working out your arm and back, always focus on your form to achieve the best results.  

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