Bala Sand Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)
Bala Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)
Bala Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)
Bala Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)
Bala Blush Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)
Bala Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)

Pilates Ball (Non-Weighted)

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A home gym necessity, The Bala Pilates Ball is designed to help improve core strength, balance and aid rehabilitation. Over-inflate for more support or half fill to activate muscles you never knew you even had.  

Please note that the Bala Pilates Ball is not a weighted product.

  • (1) Bala Pilates Ball
  • (1) Custom Charcoal Mini-pump
  • Meticulously designed for stability, barre, pilates, yoga, core training, stretching and rehabilitation
  • Non-weighted
  • Made of über-thick, pop-resistant PVC
  • Dimensions: 8" circumference

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