Northern Fitness Foundation Lifting Bundle

Foundation Lifting Bundle

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Unleash the full potential of your strength training regimen with the Foundation Lifting Bundle – a powerhouse combination designed to elevate your fitness experience. This comprehensive set includes three key components that synergize seamlessly to create the ultimate home gym setup.

1. 300 lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & 700 lb Bar Set: Crafted for the serious lifter, the Rubber Grip Olympic Plate & Bar Set boasts a total weight of 300 lbs, providing the perfect foundation for your strength-building journey. The set includes a robust 700 lb-rated Olympic bar, ensuring durability and stability during your most intense workouts. The rubberized grip plates offer easy handling and reduced noise, making each lift a smooth and focused experience.

2. Orion Elite FID Adjustable Bench: Experience versatility like never before with the Elite FID Adjustable Bench. This bench adapts to your workout needs with multiple incline, decline, and flat positions, enabling you to target various muscle groups effectively. Crafted with premium materials, the bench offers comfort and stability, ensuring a solid foundation for your weightlifting endeavours.

3. Zenith ZX820 Half Rack: Take your lifting sessions to new heights with the Zenith ZX820 Half Rack. Engineered for safety and efficiency, this half rack provides a secure platform for squats, bench presses, and a variety of strength-building exercises. The sturdy frame and adjustable J-hooks cater to lifters of all levels, while the compact design makes it an excellent space-saving solution for your home gym.

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